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Your customer portal matters more to your customer attraction and retention strategy than you think.

As the world starts to move on from the effects of Covid, one thing remains clear – we are never going to go back to “the way things were”...

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Investors driving fintech demand spurs financial services growth

What do you get when you combine a pandemic, forced global quarantine and stock market volatility with a hint of boredom and curiosity?...

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UX design in fintech is key to humanise digital interactions

When it comes to building intelligent technology, developers have to balance great coding with usability and empathy. In a...

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Biometrics: The future of safe, remote access for investors

Biometrics: The future of safe, remote access for investors Since the arrival of fingerprint scanners on mobile phones in 2007, the use of...

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AI & machine learning: servicing the next generation

Over the next 25 years, the financial services industry is set to witness the biggest generational transfer of wealth ever seen. It’s...

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Robo-advice, digital advice, robo-advisor… these terms are becoming commonplace in the financial services sector. However, many...

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