Digital client onboarding for wealth management.

A fully customisable digital client onboarding solution for wealth managers and financial service providers. Enhance both retail and wholesale clients' experiences and improve accessibility during that all-important first interaction.

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A seamless digital client onboarding experience for wealth managers.

How can financial service providers attract the next generation of digitally-savvy investors while reducing the cost of acquisition?

Create a delightful and engaging first impression by simplifying the onboarding process. Digital AML processes are integrated into the digital client onboarding experience, giving new customers instant access to sign up and make an investment in a matter of minutes.

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White label digital client onboarding platforms.

Our digital client onboarding for wealth management providers is designed to cater to multiple account types, and can be customised to your brand. From quick and simple individual account opening, through to complex, multi-level ownership structures and wholesale investor processes, our digital client onboarding platform can be adapted to incorporate company-specific workflows.

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Simplify the account opening process.

Our digital client onboarding for wealth management providers gives customers a slick design and delightful user experience.

  • Enable potential clients to invest instantly, by making it easy for them to create an account online.
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  • Open up new channels to market by making it easier for clients across the wealth spectrum to sign-up and invest with confidence
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  • Replace time-consuming and complicated paper-based forms with a slick digital onboarding experience
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  • Reduce administration overheads through automated workflows that validate, capture and store client data - all in a matter of seconds.

Intelligent workflows to automate compliance.

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Be confident knowing that all regulatory compliance information and processes are being managed in a single solution through integrated KYC and AML technology.

  • Support and streamline your compliance program through automated KYC, CDD, and AML technology processes.
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  • Biometric authentication can be seamlessly woven into the digital onboarding process, providing an extra level of verification and security.
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  • Electronic verification provides real-time confirmation of AML information.
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  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables customers to quickly take a photo of their ID and other documents and pre-populate the information, reducing the time to open an account.

Expand your market reach.

Our digital customer onboarding for wealth management providers is suitable for all financial institutions, across most countries and jurisdictions. Our system has access to global databases, making it easier than ever before to seamlessly manage KYC and AML process while growing your customer base.


Key digital onboarding tools.

Improved efficiencies, automated workflows and visibility over the sales cycle reduces administrative time and cost overheads while providing a great onboarding experience.











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A comprehensive digital client investment experience.

Digitalise the entire customer journey to attract and retain modern investors. Online investment, transaction and risk profiling capabilities can be integrated to promote a more holistic and engaging customer experience.

Discover how to seamlessly onboard clients using our digital tools. Scale your business, open up new channels to market and nurture stronger client relationships from the get-go.

Download the digital client onboarding brochure below.

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