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What’s our story?

With a background in financial services and investment advice, Rachel Strevens was passionate about working with clients to provide good investment outcomes, but realized there could be a better way of doing things that would help more people make better financial decisions.

She teamed up with Abhy Singla who was equally passionate about financial markets, and who had the technology know-how and development experience and capabilities necessary to bring an idea to life.

We’ve brought together clever technology and clever people and created something marvelous – a platform offering online access to this generations financial revolution that everyone can benefit from.

We’re harnessing technology to shape and create the future of personal finance and investment. Join us as we continue on this journey into the future.

Who are the founders?

Rachel Strevens - Founder & CEO

Rachel is an Authorised Financial Adviser with over 10 years experience working for a number of global firms providing investment advice to clients.

Abhy Singla - Founder & CTO

Abhy is an IT professional with 10 years experience in technology architecture and technology engineering roles. He has an uncanny ability to lead projects from idea to conception in a fast and managed way.

Our mission

Giving you the power to invest wisely into crypto-currencies without the hassle of technical trading.

Our portfolio platform that gives you access to crypto portfolios – reducing time in creation and decreasing risk with diversification.

Digital assets

The photos of the team, video explanations and logos are in the media kit below.

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“ The process was simple, but more importantly, I know my investments are diversified giving me more confidence."

James from Wellington - never invested in crypto before

"I love the fact Invsta have opened up the opportunity of investing in Crypto Currency Markets for the average person, and further through an easy to manage website and a dashboard that even I can understand"

Adam, Auckland NZ.

"I had invested a little in Bitcoin before, but I knew I was missing out on so many other crypto currencies. Invsta gives me the opportunity and confidence to get involved"

James, Wellington, NZ

"I love how quick and easy it was to start investing in cryptocurrencies!"

Kadri, Wellington NZ

No more complicated exchanges,
wallets and fees.


Register your account and verify your identity quickly with our online process.


Invest as much or as little as you want - with recurring investment options coming.


Select from our range of crypto portfolios: single currencies, diversified portfolios, and algorithm trading.

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Cryptocurrencies are an extremely volatile, high risk investment. It's likely the value of your investment will increase or decrease significantly. Never invest more than you can afford to loose.

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