The Beauty of Model Portfolios

Whether you are a fund manager or wealth advisor, model portfolios can take away the confusion and complexity of selecting an investment, making it easy for your customers to invest with confidence. Creating model portfolios that are available online can increase access to your products, while reducing manual administration work.

A Great Sales Tool

A well designed range of model portfolios combined with the functionality provided by our online calculators and algorithms allows your customers to immerse themselves with your product and interact with your brand to find an investment option that really suits their requirements. Request a demo to see the benefits of offering online model portfolios to your customers.

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Risk based and thematic model portfolios with Invsta

Designed to work for you

From risk based portfolios through to thematic options, our Model Portfolio module makes it easy for you to create an unlimited range of investment combinations for your customers to interact with and easily invest into.

Key Benefits

Designed and tested with the customer experience in mind, our sleek, streamlined process makes it enjoyable for the customer to interact with your range of model portfolios. Customers can check details such as historic performance, portfolio and risk profile characteristics, and visually see what various outcomes may look like for them. With full functionality for variance reporting and rebalancing, this module makes it incredibly easy to create and manage model portfolios.

An integrated platform

The model portfolio functionality is an exciting component that can be added to our core customer management platform. Additional modules compliment this and provide customers with hugely increased functionality and interaction.

Get in contact for full details on the benefits of an end-to-end customer management platform.

Client Onboarding

A key first step in the client relationship, an automated, streamlined onboarding process is an easy way to impress your customers. Improve efficiencies, save your business time and money, and know that your compliance requirements are taken care of.

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Tools and Calculators

Our range of online calculators and algorithms provide customers with great functionality and interaction, allowing them see the expected outcome of various investment amounts, timeframes, and strategies. They also clearly demonstrate to the customer the value you are adding.

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Online Investment

A well designed, online investment process and capability will save your business time and money. It allows new customers to interact, engage, and buy your product at a time and place that suits them, wherever that may be.

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