Meet the Team

Rachel Strevens
Founder & CEO
Abhy Singla
Founder & CTO
Investment Administrator
Jon Davies
Customer Success Champion
Sam Gibb
Portfolio Manager & Trading Adviser
Richard Kirkland
Risk & Governance Adviser
Uddhav Kirtikar
Compliance Officer

Our Mission

Empower smarter investing through improved access and innovation

“ The process was simple, but more importantly, I know my investments are diversified giving me more confidence."

James from Wellington - never invested in crypto before

"I love the fact Invsta have opened up the opportunity of investing in Crypto Currency Markets for the average person, and further through an easy to manage website and a dashboard that even I can understand"

Adam, Auckland NZ.

"I had invested a little in Bitcoin before, but I knew I was missing out on so many other crypto currencies. Invsta gives me the opportunity and confidence to get involved"

James, Wellington, NZ

"I love how quick and easy it was to start investing in cryptocurrencies!"

Kadri, Wellington NZ

No more complicated exchanges,
wallets and fees.


Register your account and verify your identity quickly with our online process.


Invest as much or as little as you want - with recurring investment options coming.


Select from our range of crypto portfolios: single currencies, diversified portfolios, and algorithm trading.

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Cryptocurrencies are an extremely volatile, high risk investment. It's likely the value of your investment will increase or decrease significantly. Never invest more than you can afford to loose.

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